"Expresso Shot Of Hope In Female Hoops"

Every little girl has a dream. For some it’s being a CEO, to use their abilities to lead and inspire others. For some, it may be a creative job, for others perhaps motherhood. But almost every little girl aspires to something. And for some, it’s athletics. Competition, not only with yourself but others, the chance to push yourself as hard as you can, to fight for what you want.   However, female athletes don’t always get the fair chance they deserve when it comes to middle school athletics. Middle school-aged female athletes often have to share gyms or courts. The question is how can we help little girls achieve these dreams?

Currently, in all of Seminole County, there are no girl’s sports programs besides AAU. In general, girl’s programs are less likely to receive funding or attention. The lack of access to a strong girl’s league often leads younger female players to drop their dreams of professional athleticism. In fact, many girls are two times more likely to drop out of sports than boys. This, however comes to great detriment to both female athletes and their families.

According to studies, women active in sports in their adolescence are 20% less likely to contract breast cancer. It is also shown that young women involved in athletics are less likely to smoke or become involved in heavy drugs. Even with these benefits to a girl’s physical health, sports provide even more benefits to mental health. 75% of women involved in sports feel that participation in athletics improves their self-image. Female athletics also seem to improve the lives of their families as well. Girls in sports are often more likely to have a better home life and better communication with their families. This trust in the family leads to trust in the community and has greater benefits for not only female athletes but the world around them. And yet many little girls are denied access to athletics at a young age.

For those little girls who want nothing more than to be the best they can be, to rise to the occasion of greatness, Orlando Boom offers this: Junior Boom. This is a chance for younger female athletes to improve their skills as a player and give your team more time to practice, hosted by the Women’s Basketball Development Association’s current reigning champions.

Junior Boom will be an 8-week league with playoffs, starting August 14th and taking place in Longwood, Florida. Registration is currently open on the Orlando Boom website. There is a $700 entry fee with only a $125 down payment to secure your team at registration. Junior Boom will also offer a service that allows each player or team to keep track of their stats via the Orlando Boom website, giving athletes who are looking to play professionally a way to track their progress.

And what about those players without a team who are just looking for more practice? Any girls not currently playing on a middle school team can join our free agent pool where they may be contacted by a local coach to play for their team.

Seminole County needs a shot of espresso of hope to boost the energy in female sports. Orlando Boom is here to offer it. So if you find yourself restless when you’re not playing and want to spend more time on the court honing your skills (or even have a little one that fits these qualifications), Jr. Boom is the perfect outlet. Start your future in basketball with no opportunities wasted: N.O.W.!

Gabriella Rojas

Public Relations

Orlando Boom, Inc.